5 months

Today I am 5 months! I am MORE THAN HALF WAY. That is terrifying!  I’m not sure how time is flying by so quickly, but I wish it would slow down, just a little. I want to be fully prepared for when my little nugget arrives.

So far my pregnancy has been really lucky (*knock on wood*)! I suffered almost no morning sickness. The only nausea I felt was when I wanted to tell people I was pregnant and hadn’t yet. I felt like everyone knew already. So I’m not sure if that was actually nausea or anxiety. As soon as I told a few people I trusted, I immediately felt better. I have never felt uglier than in my first trimester, except maybe in junior high, ha! I’m starting to feel much better this second trimester. I am eating much better than I was, I feel a bit more in control of my emotions, and am walking regularly. I feel pretty darn close to great!

I have my next doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, and I am hoping we get to find out if we are having a son, or a daughter… I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I am exploding inside from excitement!


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