a day with delilah

meet delilah, one of the cutest, silliest, and most FUN little girls ever! i have known delilah since she was a teenie tiny, and even shot her newborn photos! she was gorgeous then, and has definitely grown into a beautiful little lady.

during our time together – mom really wanted some pictures of little dj in mom’s wedding dress. i loved the idea and thought ‘yes!’! i can just imagine having pictures like this now that i’m older and in love, and think that one day delilah will really, really cherish these photos. plus, mom has great taste! dj definitely rocked it.

and might i add that we also made cupcakes! umm yeah, so basically the best shoot ever. (look, it has everything to do with the fact that my sweet tooth dominates my life) and dj was even sweet enough to share with me. and then we went in her room and had even more fun – she drew me pictures, we had a tea party with some of her fluffy friends, and mom even told us a puppet story. it’s the life, i tell ya.

leslie - really cute ellen! i love the wedding dress! 🙂

Tom - She is adorable Lauren.
You guys look so happy together.
Hope your holidays are full of fun and laughter.

Love, Tom

ellenzilla - Hi Tom! I passed your sweet comment on to Lauren for you! Have a wonderful holiday season full of fun and laughter, yourself! xx

ellenzilla - thanks leslie! as do i :))

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