a pumpkin tutorial

a little how-to, from p is for party and i to you!

i met up with the ingeniously crafty christi bennett of p is for party last year to shoot this little how-to on glamming up your pumpkin – because your pumpkin deserves it. i didn’t share it last year, which is just oh-so-rude of me, and i sincerely apologize. so i am going to make it up to you, and share it with you right now! you are totally welcome in advance, because this how-to is quick, and super simple. yeah, that is exactly the kind of DIY project for me, because i’m quite an impatient creature. all you need is a pumpkin, a pen, some upholstery tacks, and a little bit of time (and not even much of that). so easy! enjoy!



tools needed:

  • pumpkin
  • pen
  • upholstery tacks
  • time
  • ribbon (optional)



  1. think about what you would like your design to be on your pumpkin. we chose lines accentuating the pumpkin, and christi’s family initial. you could use your imagination, even a stencil could work!
  2. draw on your pumpkin the design you would like to ‘bedazzle’ on your pumpkin with your pen. this doesn’t have to be perfect because the tacts are larger than the line itself.
  3. place your tacks along the lines of your design, one by one, so that they are touching on each side. you could use anything instead of the tacks as well. if you’re feeling crafty you could use some gems and some strong glue.
  4. tie a little bow on the  for additional cuteness. (optional)
  5. voila! now you have a classed up, sassed up pumpkin to show off to all your neighbors and your pals on instagram.



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