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Today is brought to you by the letter A

Check out this insanely ADORABLE birthday party for Alexandra, thrown by her amazingly loving and creative mom, Shannon (and dad John, too!)! Last year I got to shoot Alexandra’s equally precious monkey themed birthday and can’t believe another year has just flown by. Alexandra is cuter than EVER with her giant, photogenic eyes, and princess […]

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happy birthday to you, delilah!

HOORAY!!! who doesn’t love birthdays! i know i sure do. and delilah’s mom, lauren, made sure to decorate sweet d.j.’s rockin’ cupcake birthday to the nines! i was honestly blown away by the work she put into the party. i hope you guys enjoy all the photos as much as i do! delilah has to […]

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birthday mamakin!

today is my wonderful and beautiful mother’s birthday! so it’s only right to give her 2/365. my dad, my younger brudda, his very lovely lady friend amanda, and i all took her out for some delicious din-dins today!  i couldn’t resist pulling a prank on the puppy 🙂 flowers from my dad.. AWWW! my brother […]

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