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It’s your time to shine, Rubystar

Well, well, well! I found myself with a little summer cold that, at first, didn’t seem so bad. It seemed to come and go after two days, and I was back to feeling great and back to living life. Then it came back… and I was down and out for another two days. Then it […]

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my dog is seriously adorable

i just LOVE my little dog. she keeps me sane when i sit at home all day every single day editing my life way 🙂 do you have pets? i’d love to hear about them! aren’t animals just the best?!        **edit! took these today (the 19th) and had to add em’ in […]

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glamour shots

as promised 😉 here are the photos of ruby and her newest best friend kashmir being super models! rubers: and little kashmir: i love puppies!!!! <3

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