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my lobster

title: phoebe/friends reference <3 Lately insomnia has become my late night companion, and I lay flooded with thoughts. Thoughts of my future baby, everything I need to still do, how great my step kids are, what I should try cooking for them next, decorating this house to be our home; my mind goes all over […]

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My heart it touched. My heart is swollen with love and emotion. My niece, Sarah, just asked me to be her unborn child’s Godmother and there are no words that can truly express the honor I feel to be even considered. My niece for the last ten years or so been more like a friend […]

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It’s new years day. I happen to have the evening all to myself, which only leads me to sit here and reflect on the past year, think of my life at this very moment, and all the possibilities of┬ámy future. Of course, one thing I have learned in my years is that I have absolutely […]

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