happy one year anniversary

to…. my red hair!

a year ago today, was a day that changed my life. really, in such a minor way, but the impact has been significant for me. a year ago yesterday, i saw a girl on tv with beautiful bright red hair and decided, why not? i called my friend courtney who has had hot pink hair for years and asked her to help. of course, she was so excited to do so, and came over the very next day before i could change my mind! what she ended up doing was changing my life that day! i definitely feel the vibrant, bright, and bold color has transformed me, more than i could have ever expected. i can’t be shy with this hair, which has been good for me, because i can be fairly shy around new people. when the thought of going red came to my mind, i thought i’d keep it for a month or two, and maybe just try being a blonde again after that. caught by surprise, i am obsessed with it. and i am surprised by how much others like it, that i wouldn’t necessarily expect to – like my mom, and her friends! oh, and let’s not forget the complete strangers that aren’t shy to let me know they love the color.

as a photographer, the color itself is exciting and motivates me to take as many self portraits as i can while i still have this hair color (because i really don’t intend to keep it forever), and to experiment with fashion, and just plain enjoy pretending to be ariel, the little mermaid!  (i heart her!)

so! courtney, i have to thank you for inspiring me to be bigger than i ever thought i could be! THANK YOU! you helped ignite something different in me with your help that day one year ago, and i am forever grateful to you for this. it was your confidence in me that gave me the courage to go for it. you’ve really impacted my life in so many other ways as well, and have always been such a supportive friend to me all the years i’ve known you. you’re the most confident friend that i have – never scared to march to the beat of your own drum, no matter who is watching. that is absolutely my favorite thing about you. i have to say, the small gesture of helping with the task of dying my hair, really will always be a memory i will never forget for it made me grow into a better version of myself. thanks, love.

below are some photos of my hair over the year 🙂 it’s my favorite accessory!
p.s. one photo is desaturated a little, so my hair looks pink instead
p.s. i feel it’s only fair to mention that i DO photoshop my pictures, just like i do for my clients!


Delyssa Joy - This comment has been removed by the author.

Delyssa Joy - i’m in love with you hair! i myself have always wanted to go red, but don’t really know how i would keep up with it. how do you maintain and generally keep up with the awesome redness?

ellenmarie - Hi Delyssa!!

I am a big believer in you only live once, so why not! I mean, unless your employer would disapprove 🙂 It is very hard to maintain, so if that isn’t your thing, it’s something to know! Red fades VERY fast, but I take cold showers and use a lot of dry shampoo to help keep it as long as possible. I retouch it about once every 5 weeks – sometimes longer if I have nothing going on and don’t need to worry about what my hair looks like! But maybe if you go for it, you will find the maintenance worth it, like I do!


Delyssa Joy - It’s always been my dream to have fiery red hair like yours. perhaps i should try it, i’ve done bright red streaks in the past, red is just an amazing color. what products and hair dye to you use?

Anonymous - This color looks amazing on you! What do you use?

holly - This color looks amazing on you! What do you use?

ellenmarie - hi girls! i use a mix of manic panics! mostly pillarbox red and rock and roll red 🙂

Geoff - What a lovely blog Ellen … and the hair (congrats!) talk about an inspirational colour … rich, vibrant … gosh and it suits you too … though I’m thinking you already know all that 🙂

Just stopped by after noticing you’d been to visit my Flickr page recently … thank you … I’ll try and stop by more often 🙂


ellenmarie - Thanks for the comment Geoff! I remember the photo you are talkin about from a peek at your blog – and am now glad I got to take a look at it again! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, and great photos!

leaves of my tree - i want my hair this color so bad it hurts. i’ve wanted it for a few years now. i think i’m going to take the plunge and just do it already. you’ve been an inspiration!

ellenmarie - just seeing your comment! i hope you went for it because you only live once! about to hop over to your blog to see for myself if ya did 🙂

Christy Tucker - I think I have a crush on you.. ahem.. I mean your hair! ; )

ellenzilla - oh giiiiirl and “my hair” has a crush on you too 😀

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