i hosted thanksgiving for the first time

and it was intense.

probably a month or two ago it was decided that i would host thanksgiving dinner this year. my body immediately started freaking out at the idea. it’s just such a huge event, right? everyone in the family cooks so well, and i am mediocre at best. and on top of that, i had no fall decorations. i immediately went into pyscho-crazy-hosting-lady mode and got right to work. i raided target’s most adorable clearance section, and started crafting like a mad woman. i tried to use recycled shipping products for a lot of my crafts, and then used paper and stuff that i already had. i assume the food turned out alright, but i can tell you one thing for certain – my house looked amazing!!

i don’t think the day could have turned out much better than it did. my best friend offered her assistance to help since she knew i was stressed about making the day perfect, my brother in law, mike, brought beatles on vinyl, and the rest of the family brought tasty food and their wonderful company. doesn’t get much better than that. all in all, it was a very successful thanksgiving dinner and i went to sleep that night with a very happy belly, and an even happier heart 🙂

this year i did not bust out my heavy duty camera, but i did manage to capture the important elements (at least to me) thanks to the trusty camera phone. which reminds me that a thank you to the camera phone is in order for the simple fact of it’s existance. if you care to see what mine and other eyes enjoyed that day, check em out below!


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