mr and mrs barrett


i am so excited to introduce to you mr and mrs barrett! meet the sweet, beautifully ethereal candus, and her husband; the kind, warm, and let’s-not-forget-to-mention handsome, james. i absolutely adore this couple, and you may remember their stunning engagement photos from our time together in early 2011, which you can reminisce with me on the photos here. their engagements honestly changed my life. we approached our session together as an adventure, with no real spots picked out in advance, and just drove around to shoot where felt right. only the right kind of couple can shoot like this, and they were definitely it. our session together was nothing short of magical, and it is one i will cherish forever.

and to no surprise, their wedding shared the same sentiment. i arrived to find owls, birds, handmade signs, and greenery everywhere. it was clear that lots of time, thought, and personal style went into creating this wedding day fairytale landscape. and lucky for me, i personally love that sort of style, and was immediately over the moon with the abundant gorgeous scenery! you guys know my obsession for owls, and they were everywhere. i mean, my heart was melting already and the day had only just begun. i’ll have you know that candus did all of the decorating herself (because she seriously rules) – teamed up with the help of etsy and her impeccable creativity. in short, i was blown away. the wedding was located at candus’ father’s church, where he also played a huge role in the wedding of his daughter by being their pastor. the ceremony was dimly lit, which resulted in a very personal, intimate feel – and almost made you feel like it was outdoors at dusk (despite feeling nice and air conditioned in the middle of august). before i knew it, the reception was coming to a close, and they ended their wedding celebration with a release of doves. smiles were everywhere i looked from my adoring couple, to myself, to all the gathered guests – family and friends alike, and i can only imagine the doves were smiling inside too. my adorable pair drove off in their vintage 1930’s (model a?) ford off into the sunset, just the way a true fairytale should end.

i invite you to relive their magical wedding day with me through some of my favorite pictures outlining their fairytale! please press play, and enjoy!




Christy Tucker - Oh my goodness, you already know I love this! : )

ellenzilla - i know girl, it’s so up our alley!!!

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