my lobster

title: phoebe/friends reference <3


My handsome husband with his first lobster

Lately insomnia has become my late night companion, and I lay flooded with thoughts. Thoughts of my future baby, everything I need to still do, how great my step kids are, what I should try cooking for them next, decorating this house to be our home; my mind goes all over the place. But every night I look over at my sleeping husband and think how lucky I am to be so in love. He says I will love this baby more than him. Last night I found it hard to believe I could love something more than he. Without him, there would be no baby; without him I would be no mother. He has become part of my foundation. He makes me laugh from deep in my gut. How could I love someone more than who I want my baby to be just like? I know new mothers say they never knew love until they hold their baby for the first time, but I swear I felt that way when I met him. In my mind, I think I will love Jason even more than I do now, and I will love this baby just as much.


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