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6 Weeks

darcy 6 weeks6 weeks darcy

My sweet angel, you are growing so fast! You have blown me away with your strength and being seemingly so ahead of your time. You literally were holding your head up on your own since straight out of the womb. And smiling since the hospital. It’s clear you recognize my face and people tell me you can’t see yet. I don’t know, but you amaze me. I love so much that when you see me across the room in your Dad’s arms that you start to squirm and move your arms. You recognize me right away and it is so amazing as your mom to feel that. I love you beyond words. You are my world.



Darcy Jane is sporting her DOH’NUTS diaper from Sassybumz. This is probably my most favorite cloth diaper. I decided before she was born that I wanted to cloth diaper her from birth. Well, because I had a C-Section she spent two days in Seventh Generation disposables, but from that third day forward she has been in cloth since. I knew after a C-Section I would be in the hospital twice as long and would have to bring my entire stash of diapers. It just seemed impractical to go through my whole stash and immediately have to do the laundry for it after having a major surgery.

My main deciding factor to cloth diaper was that I didn’t want the chemicals from disposables on her brand new skin. It seems to me that would be the time her skin is the most sensitive. There are other benefits like that they are better for the environment, can be used for more than one kid, are resellable, and ultimately are more cost efficient than disposables. I haven’t regretted my choice to cloth diaper once! I do have more laundry though 🙂 but only one extra load every few days. It’s not that bad!