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Darcy had tummy time today and killed it.
She also rolled from her back to her side today.
I tell you what, this little lady is STRONG. She has been lifting her head since day one in the hospital, not even exaggerating. She kinda blows me away with her strength. She has also smiled since being in the hospital 🙂 Love her.

One Month

darcy one month


Dear Darcy,

Today you are one month old. Right now, you are asleep on my chest, breathing softly; which is not unlike my first moment with you. The day I met you forever changed me. People explain that you will change, but there’s no way to understand what those words mean until you actually feel them. I swear the second I heard you cry my heart swelled twice the size.

You came into this world under a surgeons knife, and I was never more scared in my entire life than the morning we drove in to meet you. And before I knew it, I was never more happy than the moment you were placed into my arms. I can’t believe it’s already a month since we first embraced. What a whirlwind your birthday was; a day I will certainly remember forever and celebrate just as long. Your birthday was easily the most taxing event my body has gone through, losing half my blood. A month later my body is still recovering, yet I would do it a thousand times over (begrudgingly, of course) to have you asleep breathing softly on my chest. To me you are still my tiny little baby; impossible that you’ve grown almost two pounds heavier than the day I first held you. Likewise, the amount my heart has grown to accommodate all my love for you is immeasurable.

In this month I have lost so much sleep but gained so much more. I love to kiss you. You hate it. I know even though you may learn to love my kisses, one day you will hate them again. So right now while you’re too weak and puny to fight me off, I will kiss you despite your defiance.

I think you are the most beautiful human Ive ever seen, which makes sense because to me you look like your father (who is extremely beautiful, might I add). Your smile lights up my life every single day! My favorite thing in the world is to see your smile, to hear you try to laugh. I can’t wait to hear what your laugh will sound like, and I hope for your sake it doesn’t sound like mine.

I hope you can sense, and will always know how loved you are. That is something I love so, so much is seeing how much your dad, brother and sisters love you. You are so lucky, but so are we. And I am the luckiest. To have my one month old sleeping on my chest, breathing softly, dreaming of who knows what (but let’s be honest, probably my boobs), I am the luckiest woman in the world to be your mom. I love you.