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panda for halloween!

i am starting to notice a trend….

i just LOVE to be animals for halloween.

last year i was a black cat, and the year before that a bumble bee 🙂 i wonder what i will be next year.. ;D

this is my mock up halloween costume i threw together at the last minute. i had a black and white baseball tee – some black makeup from last year, a black skirt, black kitty cat ears, and tall black socks (actually as you can see, i cannot find one of them – but i am hoping i do sometime tomorrow ;)). perfect for a panda! i am not sure how much i actually look like a panda but oh well! i didn’t have a buy a thing, which is nice! some of those costumes can cost a pretty penny. i think i can make the black eyes better when i actually go out tomorrow night, but.. for now it’s a pretty good preview.

what are you being for halloween?

i suppose now is the perfect time to share my jack o latern with you too 🙂
i seriously slaved on this little guy! hours one night and woke up and spent a few more hours the next day hahaha. i had blisters on my fingers but so worth it. i couldn’t be happier. 

baby drake!

welcome my newest nephew, baby drake! he was born yesterday morning (so he is a cancer, one of my favorite astrological signs!) and i got to stop by to see his mom & dad at the hospital and snap a few shots. he was wide awake when i got there and was so adorable! you could see him listening for his mom & dad’s voice, it was cute! i know once the priska family is home from the hospital, i will be taking pictures of him later that same week 🙂 i can’t wait!

Carlo - These are amazing. You have a great eye for great shots!

Anonymous - Hey Tiffany! Congratulations! He is so precious! 😀

~Angie Ngo 🙂

Anonymous - Such beautifully candid moments! Congratulations Tiff to you and your family…you are all gorgeous:-). Thank you for sharing!


courtney’s bridals!

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Courtney’s bridal portraits this past week. I just absolutely adore her style and her confidence. Courtney is a special lady I met during my studies at the Art Institute of Houston. We bonded immediately because we are both a little, what you call, “unique” 😉 Courtney has always marched to her own beat, and because of that, I have always really admired her. Courtney, I adore you.