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    I live in Houston, TX, though originally haled from Barnet, England. I love documenting anything I find beautiful in life. I'm obsessed with traveling and capturing my experiences, but capturing fleeting moments of happiness and love from others and sharing these memories with them is a gift I truly love to give. I specialize in portraiture and event photography, but I'm interested in all sorts of things, so please contact me for any reason! I'd love to know more about you, so be sure to say hi! I always love a new friend.

i love when it rains puppies

oh my goodness! i have been unbelievably busy lately! though i suppose just what happens when you get older. have many more things to do! or at least this is true for me.

anyway – these are obviously color enriched, but as usual my parents new dog is the object of my affection. i have officially decided (be sure to take note) that my dream job would be to take pictures of people’s pets and capture their little personalities. i have a special spot in my heart for animals, and always have. growing up i swore i would be a vet. but then while owning a horse i learned that maybe all experiences being a vet would not be great ones. so i’d rather shoot them with my camera lens instead! anywhoo, hopefurry you enjoy these as much as i do!

does she melt ya’lls heart as much as she melts mine? seriously i am in love, and i’m pretty sure ruby is officially jealous :}

paige elizabeth

so my niece, beautiful paige elizabeth, has been taking a good deal of my time lately.  good thing she is the cutest baby ever, so i don’t mind one single bit ;D hehe she is adorable! i love teenie tiny baby yawns, and it’s funny how even when they cry – they are somehow still SO cute.

i adore the priska family with all my heart!

somebody is awfully proud of their new baby sister 🙂
beautiful mamma

cute little family huh? i just lovethem! how did i get so lucky to get such great sibling-in-laws, and even more wonderful nieces and nephews?! (which reminds me, i can’t wait to introduce you to my cute-as-a-button nephew bruce! he is SUCH a heart stealer!)

taking a moment

i have been so busy for so long now. tonight is different. i am all alone, with not a thing to do and i couldn’t be happier. i am here, listening to music, just absorbing and feeling.

this is really nice.