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itty bitty teenie weenie

i finally finished my class and am on a week break! woo hoo!!!

after i moved out of my parents house, my parents missed ruby so much they went and found themselves a miniature pinscher puppy that looks just like ruby! her name is kashmir, and she was apparently a runt. she is adorable and SOOO teenie tiny! today i went by my parents to go let kashmir out since my mom was working and my dad has been out of town. of course i brought ruby because when they first met they had a blast playing. this time i just couldn’t help myself but take some pictures.

tonight i’ll share the ones of them running around and playing – they were my favorites! and tomorrow i’ll share the ones of the new puppy being a super model.
enjoy 🙂

finally, some enjoyable homework!

wowwww i’ve been gone for so long! i’m so sorry. i’ve kind of fell into an anti-internet phase, and have been avoiding it as much as possible after i get off work.

i am in the last week of my current class, electronic production, and my last assignment was actually quite fun! the assignment was to make up a product for a real company that is a pretend client. the product is supposed to be something you can leave behind as advertising. like a business card, except more… fun!

so here is the assignment

i just loveee it!
that doesn’t happen too often!