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    I live in Houston, TX, though originally haled from Barnet, England. I love documenting anything I find beautiful in life. I'm obsessed with traveling and capturing my experiences, but capturing fleeting moments of happiness and love from others and sharing these memories with them is a gift I truly love to give. I specialize in portraiture and event photography, but I'm interested in all sorts of things, so please contact me for any reason! I'd love to know more about you, so be sure to say hi! I always love a new friend.

Sister Sister


Two beautiful sisters; Kinley and Darcy. Their Dad grabbed me out of the room to show me these two asleep on the couch. I ran and grabbed my camera because it was just so sweet. Not that this is an uncommon sight. Kinley loves Darcy and wants to hold her all the time. (She has coined herself the “baby whisperer” – family friend Julia coined Darcy the “Kinley whisperer” ha!) I’d say 90% of the time Kinley holds her, they end up asleep on the couch together. Every time it melts my heart. I hope they always love each other as much as this. I know the age difference is pretty great, with Darcy being ZERO years old, and Kinley being 13 years old, but I think Darcy will think both her big sisters are very cool and will look up to them a lot. And rightfully so. Kinley and Karsen are amazing young ladies. Darcy is so lucky to have them, and so am I.



Baby Bunny

baby-bunny-webThis is early but HAPPY EASTER! She was actually very grumpy while I was shooting these, but you can’t tell here 😀 I am so in love with my adorable, grumpy, little bunny. She’s by far the cutest bunny I’ve ever seen!

One Week

darcy one week


Today my baby is one week old! I can’t believe it! My time in the hospital was a whirlwind; to me she just got here. No way has an entire week slipped by! Motherhood to a newborn is beautiful and exhausting. I now understand where the phrase “catching sleep” comes from. Nursing every 2 hours give or take is something I could never prepare for. But I am so proud of how successful *knocks on wood* nursing has been, despite the exhaustion and pain that accompany it. Her smiles, little noises, cuddles, everything light up my heart. I fall in love with my husband deeper every time I see them together. I love their love. With motherhood, came an amazing network and support system of other moms. That has been a beautiful change in my life that I am so grateful for. I am so in love with being a mom to life that I grew myself and carried with me for what felt like an eternity. I think she is the most beautiful little lady that I’ve ever seen (sorry other babies, I’m biased :)). She is so sweet, smart, strong, and i can’t wait to see her grow up, but I hope time goes slow because I’m already emotional that an entire week has slipped by and I feel like I’ve been so busy trying to adjust that I’ve forgotten to sit back an enjoy the gift I have right in my arms.