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get ripped with stohn hard fitness

i love to shoot just about anything because it keeps my editing life much more interesting. something else i love is working with local businesses and i have to say – anytime i have worked a local business promotional shoot, i always have so much fun! they are always so excited to incorporate their business into photos, and the feeling is certainly mutual!

over the summer my wonderfully creative friend, amy (from amy willis graphic design), who is now doing all the marketing for stohn hard fitness, invited me to come shoot some promotional shots. of course i excitedly accepted. this is out of my norm for shoots, considering i haven’t stepped inside a gym in years (don’t judge me), but the unfamiliar is exactly the sort of thing that i look forward to! all the girls look hot (amirite?) and of course the same goes for the guys. clearly whatever tricks the former golden gloves boxer, richard stohn (head trainer), has up his sleeve is working. these gym rats looked absolutely amazing and i definitely felt like a little chunk-a-saurus-rex shooting their photos! i mean daaaang, these peeps look GOOD. fortunately the only person judging myself was me 🙂 stohn hard fitness was a very friendly, yet hard working atmosphere . anyone could feel right at home there with the rest of the gang.

stohn hard fitness offers one on one boxing and weight training, located in northwest houston. richard stohn welcomes everyone, and offers specialized training for all levels from beginners to steadfast professionals. with focus on proper boxing, lifting techniques and form, richard stohn invites you to join them and get in the best shape of your life! and i believe him. enjoy the photos below to see for yourself!


Becky - These are great! Good job Zilla, they have an old school NY Boxing gym feel to them, very intimate

Amy Willis - Fantastic!

ellenzilla - i totally agree! not that i have been to an old school NY boxing gym… but this is how i’d picture one 😉 thanks for viewing!

megan makes a beautiful bride

yayyyy!! my friend, megan – who i’ve known since 2nd grade (moore elementary represent what whaaat) – just got married to her prince charming, wes, all the way out in california yesterday – which means i get to share her beautiful bridal portraits with you guys today! yay it’s your lucky day!! megan has been a pretty girl as far back as i can remember, and that certainly remains true to this day.  i was going to link back to her and wes’ unique and duh, amazing, engagement photos but apparently, i rudely never uploaded them to the blog. this just isn’t right, because it’s simply plain selfish of me not to share those beautiful photos with you. this will change ASAP, don’t you worry your pretty little face.

so anyway, i love love LOVE this bridal shoot! megan looked gorgeous, and the scenery was nothing short of beautiful, classic, and different. megan and wes got married at a winery in california, so we wanted her bridal portraits to reflect that. it was disgustingly hot at the time of her shoot here in houston, so wes came up with the amazing idea to shoot at our local Perry’s Steakhouse. if you haven’t been there – it is equally beautiful as it is tasty and delicious. perry’s gladly accommodated us (thanks perry’s!!), and we ended up having a complete blast. which of course resulted in the pictures of megan coming out just as gorgeous as perry’s devine decor. megan’s bridal style has this vintage charm, and you all know how much i loooove me some vintage charm. her head band immediately made me think grace kelly-esque style, and megan definitely has that classic beautiful look. i hope you guys enjoy her gorgeous portraits as much as megan, her mom toni, and i have! with no further ado, here is the stunning bride!



revamping rubys modeling portfolio


me and ruby decided to take advantage of the recent super gorgeous houston weather and play with the the lovely light outside. yay for being outside and it being cold enough for no mosquitos to bite me the entire time! victory! and ruby is such a good little model 🙂 makes my heart smile! and no, her good behavior had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that i had snacks in my pocket. yep, i dont’ know how i got so lucky with such a perfect pup!!