About a Lady!

Well, Hello!

I am 28. I have BRIGHT RED hair. (I thought you should know). I love to sing “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. Seriously, all the time.

I was born in Barnet, England and proud. I’ve also lived in Saudi Arabia and South Africa (as a young, young lady), but am now a proud Texan! I do think my cultured childhood makes me itch for travel and adventure in my life today.

I am a pisces. If I meet you and discover that you are too a pisces, I will likely immediately feel we are best friends.

I adore my parents. They are definitely my heroes. My inspiration comes from my grandmothers, my mother, nature and everything vintage.

I love to collect things. So many things. Especially vintage cameras, and anything owl-related.

I studied Interactive Media Design at The Art Insitute of Houston and Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Because of my design history, my favorite part of my process is the editing. As much as I really LOVE our time shooting together, I feel I really bring the photograph to life through my editing process. I like to make sure each photograph I share is pure perfection. You are so welcome c ;

Last but not least, I LOVE my job! I absolutely love what I do, and love meeting new people, and going through our own little adventure together. Making people happy by capturing their own happiness makes me happy. Truly. It excites me to know that future generations can enjoy my photos of their loved ones the way that I enjoy old photos of my own family.


Amanda - Hey lady! I just realized that I haven’t seen any of your amazing photos on Facebook recently and noticed that you were gone completely from the site but found your lovely blog. Hope all is well and drop me a line some time.

– Amanda Dixon

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