Sister Sister


Two beautiful sisters; Kinley and Darcy. Their Dad grabbed me out of the room to show me these two asleep on the couch. I ran and grabbed my camera because it was just so sweet. Not that this is an uncommon sight. Kinley loves Darcy and wants to hold her all the time. (She has coined herself the “baby whisperer” – family friend Julia coined Darcy the “Kinley whisperer” ha!) I’d say 90% of the time Kinley holds her, they end up asleep on the couch together. Every time it melts my heart. I hope they always love each other as much as this. I know the age difference is pretty great, with Darcy being ZERO years old, and Kinley being 13 years old, but I think Darcy will think both her big sisters are very cool and will look up to them a lot. And rightfully so. Kinley and Karsen are amazing young ladies. Darcy is so lucky to have them, and so am I.



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