things are getting serious

another happy anniversary dedication post to, as my girl ariel says, “a part  of my world”: my long red locks. i honestly can’t believe that it’s already time for me to write this post. it’s been two entire years since my hair went from it’s natural color to this super bright fire engine red (you may remember last year’s post dedicated to our first anniversary). this is officially 730 daysof red hair. two years ago i couldn’t have imagined that i would keep this hair color longer than a few months, and now i can’t imagine my life without it. it’s kind of crazy for me to acknowledge, because i consider myself to be a fairly low maintenance person – and this hair is definitely the opposite of that. that said, i have found it’s well worth the extra work, as i love the person my hair has helped me become. i will tell you, it has been a strange journey to be the girl under this red mop, because i can be a pretty shy person with people i don’t know well. this hair has forced me to be less so, as one person put it simply in the street as they approached me with conversation “well, you can’t be shy with that hair”, which i quickly learned was true. for some reason, one that i’m not mad about, people feel very comfortable talking to a stranger with red hair.  it’s been two years of self growth, and self love. i’ve learned to always live at my best (or at least to try), and i actually really enjoy chatting with strangers and meeting new people so easily all due to a vibrant choice of hair color.  it is strange that something so seemingly unimportant has had such an influence on my life. i have to say, i’m quite addicted to these long red locks, and i wouldn’t be upset if i saw another anniversary in the future. 


ruby was quite concerned about why i was sitting in the grass, so she had to come check on me

Mom - My beautiful daughter! Sure do take after your good looking parents.:) Love you Ellen and love the blog!

ellenzilla - yep i got the best of both worlds 😀 to quote my friend’s mom “s&*^ like that is hereditary” haha <3 love my momma!!

John robert mummery - Congrats on your anniversary from a fellow (natural) redhead. Photos are beautiful.

ellenzilla - thanks john!! appreciate your comment, and hope you are good! haven’t talked to ya in awhile 🙂

val - You have flair…lots of it! I’m glad you and your red hair met…you’re an awesome dream team. Happy Ann!!

Stephanie - These photos are gorgeous and so are you!! I’ve been looking for glasses similar to those everywhere. Love them!

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